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ACS is a Company Specialising in Customs Clearing, Forwarding and Full Comprehensive Accounting Software Solutions for the Freight and Logistics Industry

Offering you One Complete Software solution


Expert Solutions

We have been involved in this cargo malarkey since 1985. Since inception, we have consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the South African Freight and Customs Software arena.

Our Dedication to Excellence and Customer Satisfaction over the years has resulted in an insanely feature-rich software product that does everything required for your company to soar.

Even so, we regard our Software as a living product. That means that our team of Skilled Analysts and Developers are always on call to ensure you are working at your best 24/7/365. We also build customised functionality to your exacting specifications, making our software adapt to YOUR processes instead of the other way around.

Get on top of your Cargo!

Freight Software for Serious Businesses, We are as passionate about our software as you are about your business.

Become part of the ACS family today – and be on top of your cargo!

Skilled Employees

Spectacular Years

Happy Customers

EDI Transactions Per Day

World-Class Freight

Management System

Whether it’s coming in or heading out, our world-class Freight Software has all operational, Legal and Statutory information at the tips of your fingers – exactly what is being held in the dock, where it is from and where it is going. Right on time and schedule. Seamless Integration into any third party or in house software.

imports & export

Full EDI Tracking

Fully Landed Costing


Auto Invoicing

Advanced Dashboard

all transport modes

Full Search Functionality

Productive Accounting System

ACS is the only Customs Clearing Software Company to offer an Integrated Accounting System as an option. Our Accounting Module is fully featured and seamlessly integrates with The ACS Freight System’s operational data store and Debtors and Creditors to provide you with all the Financial and Reporting tools you need to run your business, including many extras that are specifically designed for the Freight Industry.

Recon Functionality

Customised reporting

freight industry functionality

comprehensive solution

Comprehensive Features

Seamless integration

Our software is able to intergrate with most software solutions through standard intergration modules or we can customise the integration to your exact needs.


We customise our software to fit into your workflow process which then allows our software to work for you and not the other way around

easy to use

The most user friendly customs clearing and accounting software guaranteed! Preferred by over 600 clients

Easy Deployment

Whether you prefer local cloud or our Software-As-Service web application, we have the right option for you.

cloud hosted solutions

We offer multiple cloud hosted solutions. This service eliminates the need for on-site servers or infrastructure.

Free Updates

Updates are offered free of charge which means you are never left behind.

Let’s get things moving.

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